Multi-Family Residential Mortgages

Commercial mortgages are available for multi-family properties with 5+ units. In certain cases it is possible to finance 5 to 8 unit multi-family properties with a residential mortgage.

CMHC insured mortgages

CMHC provides mortgage default insurance for multi unit properties (5+ units). It allows borrowers to obtain financing at a higher loan to value with interest rates generally reserved for larger downpayments. CMHC premiums are often offset by savings from lower interest rates.

  • Available for purchase, refinance, construction
  • Financing up to 85% of value as determined by CMHC (might not be your purchase price)
  • Borrower must have net worth of 25% of the loan amount, with a minimum of $100,000
  • Fees 1.75% to 4.5% of mortgage amount, depending on the loan to value

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