Thornhill Mortgages

Thornhill residential real estate has been following the general trend as Toronto and most of the GTA. At the end of 2014 average price for a detached home was $1,260,000 and average condo price was $303,000. With the overall area in great shape, we should see prices contunie to rise for the rest of 2015.

With new rapid transit development along Highway 7 coming right through Thornhill and new condo construction around Bathurst St and Centre St across from Promenade Mall, it should keep increasing the home values.

Any rise in real estate prices will make it easier to refinance your existing mortgage to take advantage of current low rates or access home equity through Home Equity Lines of Credit.

The problem with Thornhill is that its not well defined as a region. While technically in Vaughan, the statistics provided by Toronto Real Estate Board are from Markham neighbourhoods where Thornhill is included.