Mortgages With a Guarantee

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Personal Service Guarantee

You don't buy a home or refinance your mortgage every day. It's a fairly complicated and stressful process.
Let's try to make it easier.
I personally guarantee you the following for every transaction.

Your phone calls and emails will be answered

While I might not be able to asnwer some calls over the weekend or holidays, you will have an answer in the morning, on the next work day.

You will never be put on hold

"Your call is very imporatant to us. Please hold." Nobody likes that. I do not do it.

You will get timely updates during the process

When something happens, you will get a quick update on the status of your active file.

Yearly review of your financial needs

Life happens. Things change. Together, we will go over your financials at least once a year.
But I can just go to my bank to get a mortgage, right? Yes, you can. When you do, ask them some simple questions.


Thinking of buying a house? First you have to figure out how much you can afford. Let's take a look at the process of getting a mortgage.

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Walkthrough the mortgage refinancing process. Reduce rates and monthly payments, consolidate debt or take out equity from your house.

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Second Mortgage

Second mortgages come with a higher interest rates, but offer alot of flexibility on the terms. Not meant to be there forever, only a temporary solution.

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